LSVG2000 dynamic filter compensation controller

LSVG2000 dynamic filter compensation controller

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Power quality
The LSVG2000 dynamic filter compensation controller is a controller specifically custom-designed for power quality monitoring and governing needs, which is widely used in active power filter, reactive
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Product description
Technical parameters

LSVG2000 dynamic filter compensation controller



Product description

  The LSVG2000 dynamic filter compensation controller is a controller specifically custom-designed for power quality monitoring and governing needs, which is widely used in active power filter, reactive power automatic compensation and other fields. The most prominent feature is that the SVG and SVC modules can be flexibly and uniformly controlled according to the comprehensive management objectives of the system’s power quality, so as to improve the power factor of the system, reduce the aberration rate of the system current, and optimize the unbalance of three-phase of the system.  


LSVG-2000 interface structure

    The LSVG-2000 interface display block diagram consists of 7 parts: home screen, operating state, alarm message, harmonic analysis, waveform display, expert parameters and user login.    Home screen The home screen consists of two parts: parameter display and device status monitoring. The parameter display section displays the real-time electrical parameters of the current monitoring device, including the system voltage, compensation current and load current, while the device status monitoring section displays the real-time operating state of all devices communicating with the controller.  Operating state The operating state interface may display the device information selected by the user, including device operating state, grid frequency, system line voltage, system current, compensation current, load current, device load rate, DC bus voltage of the device, system power factor, unit IGBT temperature of the device, current harmonic aberration rate, MCU software version, FPGA software version and system operation time. Support the state of real-time monitoring for 1-8 devices. It can also display the current grid system, the active power, reactive power and power factor, etc. of the grid load.  Alarm message The alarm message interface can record the real-time fault information of current monitoring device.  Harmonic analysis The harmonic analysis interface may display the harmonic data analysis of load current, system current, and compensation current for current monitoring device.  Waveform display The waveform display interface may display the waveforms of system voltage, system current, load current and compensation current for the current testing equipment.  Expert settings The user can change the control mode and CT position, harmonic filtration rate setting, capacity of passive module and automatic enabling of passive module, common/separate compensation setting of passive module and manual switching of passive module, switch-on coefficient and switch-off coefficient of passive module, selection of active module’s quantity in parallel and reactance ratio of passive module, settings of over-current protection value and CT transformation ratio of the device, settings of communication parameters for HMI and upper computer/lower computer, etc.  User login If the user needs to enter the expert setting interface to modify the module parameters, log in on the user login interface.  


Overall dimensions of the product

  Dimensions of LSVG-2000 are shown in the table below  
Position Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
Overall body 226.5 163 36
Front panel 226.5 163 6
Rear panel 213 150 30
Cabinet opening 215 152 -


Definition of terminal

The power supply of the controller is DC 24V, 1A, and special power interface is provided; the USB interface of the touch screen is a program maintenance port, which is only used for internal program update; The DB9 interface of the touch screen includes one alternate port (COM1), two 485 ports (COM2/COM3).    
No. Name Function
1 24V wiring terminal Interface Category Definition Pin
24V plug Power supply 8 〜28VDC+ 1
8 〜28VDC- 2
2 DB9 interface Interface Category Definition Pin
COM2 485+ 7
485- 8
  COM3 485+ 4
485- 9
3 USB interface   Special interface for program maintenance