The OHE dynamic detection device

The OHE dynamic detection device

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The OHE dynamic detection device refers to the installation of the vehicle OHE operation state detection device on the operating train, and realizes the dynamic real-time detection of the OHE geometri
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Product description
Technical parameters

The OHE dynamic detection device


Product introduction

The OHE dynamic detection device refers to the installation of the vehicle OHE operation state detection device on the operating train, and realizes the dynamic real-time detection of the OHE geometric parameters, the pantograph-catenary dynamic action parameters and the power supply parameters as the train runs. The main detection focuses on the OHE geometric parameters, the OHE physical properties, and the state of the OHE suspension support device. It is necessary to collect, process, analyze, display and make statistics on detection data and status, and can automatically give warning or alarm prompt, data storage and backtracking, report printing, etc.    


Acquisition software    


Data analysis  


Product composition

This system mainly adopts non-contact measurement non-destructive technology, with comprehensive use of various measuring sensors, and is composed of detection equipment (high-speed laser phase scanner, laser radar or high-speed camera, etc.), industrial control computer, industrial data acquisition card, RF positioning correction equipment, vibration compensation detection equipment, pantograph-catenary video monitoring system, multimedia display, wireless communication equipment, power system, and vehicle data processing system and workstation background processing system.  

The detection system module is composed of the following::



The hardware structure diagram of the detection system is as follows:



Product principle

  The OHE dynamic detection device is a non-contact digital laser precision detection system based on intelligent vision algorithm. Non-contact measurement is a measurement method based on photoelectricity, electromagnetism and other technologies to obtain the surface parameters of the detected object without touching its surface. Typical non-contact measurement methods include laser triangulation, eddy current, ultrasonic measurement, machine vision measurement and so on. This system combines the advantages of laser triangulation and machine vision measurement.



Laser triangulation principle

  ■ Lighting ■ Measurement speed ■System accuracy      


Product function

OHE geometric parameters detection OHE physical properties detection Detection of the state of the OHE suspension support device
■ Guide height ■ Real-time speed measurement ■ Fall off
■ Slope ■ Operating temperature ■ Split
■ Stagger value ■ OHE arcing ■ Loose parts
■ Height difference of contact wire    
■ Spacing of parallel lines    



Technical parameters

No. Detection items Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
1 Height of contact wire (mm) 5000〜7000 1 ±5
2 Height change rate of contact wire 0-30% 1%。 <10%
3 Stagger value of contact wire (mm) -650〜650 1 ±5
4 Horizontal distance between contact wires (mm) 0-800 1 ±5
5 Vertical distance between contact wires (mm) 0-400 1 ±5
6 Arcing duration (ms) 0-100 1 2
7 Number of arcing -- -- ±1%
8 Percentage of arcing 0-100% 0.1% ±0.1%
9 Temperature of contact wire (°C) 0-200 1 1
10 Kilometer post (m) -- 10 50
11 Speed (km/h) 0-120 0.1 0.1
12 Overhead crossing Non-conformity detected -- --
13 Location point (number plate) 0001-9999 -- --
14 Pantograph-catenary disconnection (S) 0-3 0.002 5%
15 Slope of contact wire 0-30% -- --
  Note: Please consult our technical personnel for other technical parameters.  


Product features

  ■ Non-contact The system is based on the intelligent vision technology, and has no contact with the monitored equipment. It can measure and analyze the related parameters of the target object without affecting the position and function of the existing equipment of the vehicle. ■ Stable and reliable The system adopts advanced, mature, reliable and highly stable sensing equipment and devices. ■ High accuracy The system equipment has strong anti-interference and comprehensive compensation module, which ensures high measurement accuracy.     ■ Easy to use The software adopts Windows system with Windows-style Chinese interface which is complete in content, reasonable in design and convenient in operation. ■ Accurate positioning The measured value of the software system and the running mileage location of the fault alarm are accurate, which greatly facilitates the maintenance process of the staff in the work section. ■ Over-limit alarm A warning prompt is given based on the set threshold of over-limit value.     ■ Real time display The data is presented in the form of list, curve, image and video, which can play video under the working condition and combine relevant detection values into video images for real-time display.     ■Data association All measured values at the same mileage location, such as guide height, stagger value, arcing, temperature and other data can be correlated and displayed. ■Intelligent analysis Perform multiple-mode intelligent analysis and identification to the image and video data of key parts such as detection parameters and operating status, and output defect reports to facilitate daily management and master the health value of line operation.     ■ Early warning Compare and analyze the detection data with any historical data of the same section, find out the potential fault points, give a warning or alarm in advance, and take preventive measures. ■Automatic report Automatically output the station name, tunnel name, pillar number and corresponding detection results to form and provide various required detection reports. ■Quick query Quickly and intelligently query the specified station area, line, pole number, time, and catenary parameters.